The Beach – A Photography Haven

The beach scene is one of the most commonly photographed because the beach is a naturally beautiful location and also because people on the beach are usually relaxing and are casually having loads of fun. This makes it possible for photographers to choose between portrait photography, landscape or a combination. Beach photography therefore is versatile with a ton of options from the photographer’s perspective.

Beach photography is mostly about movement because you always have the moving waters in the background. It is vital that the photographer knows how to balance the stillness of the image with the movement of water. You would easily be able to master this if you keep the motion and the amount of it in memory when clicking pictures. When there is a lot of motion, this will actually overshadow the parts that are not in movement and so the pictures need to be clicked when the water is not much in motion.

The lighting in the beach photography solely depends on natural lighting. Many a times there is the brightness of natural sunlight causing issues with the pictures. However, people have started getting used to his interference. It is vital to remember that white sand can cause

Seven Tips for Runway Photographers

1. Study the Field

In discussing photographing fashion shows with Ben, we took a look at the photographs of past runway fashion shows to consider what framing/composition ideas would work for the shoot. New York Fashion has a great section of runway images to study: notice the amount of room left below shoes and above the models heads in the full length photographs, and notice the relationship of model to background.

2. Position is Key

Expect a crowd fighting over the best positions to photograph from, and realize that you’ll need to get there early and also have the proper permissions from the organizers. (At the big events, of course, there is a process requiring a press pass and often you’ll need to request one months ahead.) If you get a great spot, do your best to keep it and maintain enough room to do your work. Before throwing any elbows or harsh words at the other photographers, though, remember you may see the same group at the next event. Probably better to make some new friends. If you can get access, also consider that “behind the scenes” photographs might also be useful. Consider also hanging out after the fashion show and handing