Learn All You Can About Portable Bluetooth Speakers Before You Make Your Amazon Purchase

The addition of portable bluetooth speakers makes any ipod, iphone, ipad or mobile devices an integral part of one’s home entertainment system. By attaching ipod speakers bluetooth users now have a full range of sounds including bass tones to enjoy.

The ease in transport and user-friendly appeal of these apple bluetooth speakers are certainly not lost on lovers of music or mac products. This is why they have made these small bluetooth speakers exceedingly popular, as well as the perfect gift for the person on the go.

Making these speakers additionally worthy of outdoor activity is the fact that each bluetooth waterproof speaker is able to withstand a stream of low pressure water at any angle. Produced at “waterproof level IPX5” these speakers have been constructed of those who value their time outdoors and in pursuit of sports.

Using mini speakers is made additionally user-friendly with convenient USB charging. It’s 500mm Lithium ion battery is fully rechargeable. Speakers were developed to provide up to four hours of streaming high-definition music without unnecessary interruptions.

What sets these apple speakers apart is not just their size but their incredible range. Within each small housing unit, each speaker is capable of hi-definition bass tones. The music never suffers when each speaker is able to transmit deep rich sounds. This owes to the two 40 mm drivers and sub-woofer that work seamlessly to produce sounds once thought only possible of much larger speaker packages.

Perfectly adaptable for indoor or outdoor use, the speakers allow hands-free streaming of music and speaker phone sounds, with clear tones able to be heard across a room. Well designed mini-speakers contain all power controls for easy access and correct volume levels. This includes forward, backward, play, pause and the all essential on/off power switch.

Perhaps what pleases buyers the most is the fact that each speaker is built to withstand active movement and shock. No matter what table, desk or counter they tumble from, their sound quality will not be diminished. To learn more about the durability of these mini speakers and how their tough outer-body resists both shock and dust, visit the web pages of www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Waterproof-Shockproof-ARMOR.